Presentation of 'Recreate' Project

The Laboratory of Transport Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering (AUTh), participated on Tuesday 7.11.2023, in the workshop of TEE TKM with the Technology Transfer Structure spira - EKETA, the Technology Transfer Network of AUTh and DUTh, entitled "Applied Research - Technology Transfer & Engineers".

The Director of the Laboratory, Prof. Ioannis Politis, presented the innovative i-RECREATE application that aims to measure and evaluate the internal and external efficiency of public transport operators, developed in the framework of the Recreate Project (Smart Ecosystem for Improvement of Public Transport Performance), with partners ΕΣΤ/ΑΠΘ, CONSORTIS Geospatial, ΚΤΕΛ Θεσσαλονίκης Α.Ε., Deloitte and the technical support of DILAX Systems Inc.

Among other things, the technological product enables the real-time viewing of the occupancy of 5 buses of line 83 (Lagadas - Thessaloniki) through automatic passenger counting technologies, while it enables the calculation of 54 performance indicators (KPIs) that can improve the Strategic and Operational Planning of a public transport provider.


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