Kick-off Meeting

On November 24, 2021, representatives from the TEAM of COSNORTIS GEOSPATIAL and the Laboratory of Transportation Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki held the inaugural meeting of the project at the offices of the former in order to present the goals, the expected and desirable results set and to define the responsibilities of the participants within the project schedule and based on work modules.

Initially, a detailed description of the project was carried out, presenting the central idea, the reference area and the technological systems that will be used in order to achieve innovative services for both the Institutions and the Users of the Board of Directors.

Then, the characteristics of the Intelligent Connectivity Ecosystem that will be implemented, the input data that will feed the system, the methods of their analysis and processing as well as the best possible way to exploit them were discussed.

The meeting also focused on the deliverable work packages with an analysis of the individual work actions within the timeframe set.

In addition, extensive reference was made to the organizational structure of the project, clarifying the roles and responsibilities of each team (Management & Execution) as well as the Project Advisory Committee.

An important chapter of the discussion was the communication and publicity of the project, clarifying the actions, means and promotional tools to be used.

Finally, the next necessary actions were defined for the smooth conduct of the project until the next key meeting.